27 November, 2011

Taking a Little Break

3 Girls? by yujiblog
3 Girls?, a photo by yujiblog on Flickr.
Thank you for visiting my blog!

As I am going through a major change of life at the moment, I need to concerntrate on some other activities.

I may not be able to update my blog very often.

Mean while, if you would like to see some of my photos, please visit my Flickr photostream.


19 November, 2011

Nicely Aged

Nicely Aged Beaujolais by yujiblog
Nicely Aged Beaujolais, a photo by yujiblog on Flickr.
This photo is a joke. I hope you don't take it seriously. But it's real!

Beaujolais Nouevau has become something so common in Japan. There was a great marketing strategy.

People in Japan tend to like something new. They appreciate "new tea of the year" and "new rice of the year."

Also, because of the time differences, shops and restaurants in Japan can sell the wine before in France...

Japanese people liked the fact they could drink it before French people.

I am not sure how good it is. But as long as people are happy, I have nothing to complain about.

28 October, 2011

It's a Rooster

It's a rooster. In French, c'est un coq.

I am studying French very hard now.

Oh by the way, this photo was taken today in Tokyo.

One of the funniest things I have ever seen in Tokyo!!!

Yuji xxx

24 October, 2011

Stealing Umbrellas

Japan has a reputation for being a safe place. Even in the 21st century, it's true.

If you forget to receive your change at a shop or a restaurant, they will follow you quickly and give you the change, even if it's just 100 yen (a little bit less than 1 euro).

On the other hand there is one thing I don't understand.

People often steal umbrellas in Japan.

This must be a little known truth, so I really want to talk about it.

People often steal umbrellas in Japan!!!

And they don't mind it. Because they normally buy new plastic umbrellas for 300 yen...

It has happened to me so many times. And my friends have had the same experiences.

This photo was taken in Paris. It's a famous umbrella repair shop. It was closed when I visited. I have never seen an umbrella repair shop in my country, so it was very interesting to me.

But... I almost never see people carrying an umbrella in Paris. It's a mystery.

Only very rich people in France buy umbrellas? Or, umbrellas are out of fashion?

Yuji xxx

20 October, 2011

I Made a Big Mistake

Yesterday, I wrote that there are so many people coming to my blog looking for "cute manga people."

Just because I wrote about that, now my blog is listed on the search result for "cute manga people"

(If you are interested, please go to google)

What a stupid mistake I have made!!

Once again, if you have come to this blog looking for something cute, I am sorry.

What I like is something cool, and NOT something cute.

Yuji xxx

17 October, 2011

Cute Manga People

Cute manga people?

What is that?

I just checked Google WebMaster Tools (cool name) and noticed a lot of people find this blog by searching for "cute manga people."

Trust me, I am not one of those cute manga people, everyone!

I think they are looking for "costume players" who wear manga and anime characters' costumes.

It's very hot in Japanese pop culture. But it's not part of Yuji.

PS Although I am not a cute manga man, I am wondering what I should wear for Halloween this year.

Last year, I wore a British Royal Mailman's raincoat;-)

How to Master French

French is such a difficult language.

Pronunciation is especially difficult. Even saying "bonjour" is hard for me.

In just one word, "bonjour", there are two vowels and two consonants that Japanese language doesn't have.

A friend of mine told me he mastered French through "oral method." I am not sure what it is, but It sounded like he had had a lot of training, such as how to move his lips and tongue...

I think French people use their tongues more than people from other countries.

If so, maybe it's one of the reasons why French food is great?

Have a nice week, all my friends!

Yuji xxx

15 October, 2011

No Beer for 1 week

I just had a minor surgery this afternoon. Don't worry. It was something very simple.

But the doctor told me not to take any alcohol for 1 week... that is the difficult part.

I think I can still eat chocolates and ice cream, so I will somehow survive and recover.

Have a nice weekend, my friends!

Yuji xxx

10 October, 2011

My Life as a Joke

I started this blog to write something silly.

And from my experience, doing something silly is very important.

When the earthquake hit Japan, I started getting more and more traffic. It was amazing...

I somehow felt I really need to report what is happening after the earthquake.

However, it was not my first intention.

I have decided to be silly again. Please don't expect any useful information on this blog!

I normally don't take life so seriously, unlike a Japanese man.

I have been telling friends for many years that "I want to live a life like a big joke.

Although I sometimes feel it's becoming too good for a joke, my basic idea for life hasn't been changed.

Life is great, as long as you don't take it so seriously!

About this photo, they are pigs I found at a passage in Paris. I wanted to bring one back to Tokyo!

But probably it's wise that I didn't. I will go back to the same passage and see them again.

I hope nobody has bought my pigs!

Yuji xxx

08 October, 2011

Quand il me prend dans ses bras...

I wanted to buy some flowers today, but I couldn't go out until 8 pm.

This is the busiest period of year, writing articles for 2012...

But there was a nice surprise. One of my clients sent me a French made product, "Rose water".

As I am a man, I have no idea what I am supposed to do?

But it really smells wonderful. Brings me back good memories from France.

Have a wonderful week!

05 October, 2011

This One's For You

Words are just not enough.

That is why people hold each other, kiss, dance, sing, etc.

I often consider photography is a great way to send love and light to a distant land.

Thank you for reading this... Yuji xxx

PS, for a reason, I am uploading this post once again.

30 September, 2011

Acupuncture 2

Meeting this acupuncture therapist was one of the best things that happened in my life.

The second time I saw him, he mentioned a little about tarot cards.

He was studying Carl Jung's psychology, and he said he was combining tarot card reading and psychology as part of his therapy.

An acupuncture therapist using tarot! It sounded so fascinating!

Knowing I was so excited by his stories, he gave me a deck of tarot.

A few weeks after that, I actually start working as a professional tarot reader.

It was amazing how one thing could change my life so dramatically. I didn't know anything about tarot, but I was able to do tarot reading. But I would never picked up a deck of tarot by myself. I guess I needed to meet him so that I can meet tarot.

I started feeling a lot better about myself with my new job, so I didn't have to see him so often after that. I was not very sure if he was a good therapist or not in those days. But what he did truly changed my life.

Yuji xxx

28 September, 2011

Acupuncture 1

Acupuncture is nothing scary. You just need to find a good acupuncture therapist.

One of the people who helped me a lot was an acupuncture therapist. That was almost 20 years ago.

I was under so much pressure when I started living alone, and I couldn't sleep very well.

Somebody introduced me to "a great acupuncture therapist."

The first time I visited him, I was very scared of the needles.

And the first thing he said was, "please lie down on the bed, relax and look stupid."

I followed his words, and tried to have a stupid face.

I took his words so seriously!

Then I started laughing like crazy. It was so silly of me to try so hard to look stupid on the bed!

I kept laughing and laughing for about 10 minutes. I couldn't stop!

"Then, you can keep laughing as much as you want!" 

And I kept laughing alone for some more...

It was the first time in my life to laugh so hard.  I am not sure if he was so good at acupuncture, but he started calling me "his sister," and he became one of the most important persons in my life.

To be continued....

Yuji xxx  

26 September, 2011

My Boy

This is my boy, 7 years old!

... of course NOT! lol

It's me, when I was very very young.

I don't really like it when people take photos of me. I always get nervous.

Looking at this old photo, even when I was a little boy, I felt nervous to be photographed.

I much prefer to hide behind my camera, and take photos of other people!

Yuji xxx

24 September, 2011

Made Fragile

I love taking photos of fences.

Please don't ask me why, I don't have an answer.

After having seen so many beautiful fences made of iron in Paris, London and some other cities in Europe, now I enjoy looking for bamboo fences in Tokyo.

Unlike iron fences, bamboo fences are fragile. But people fix them every time they get broken.

Somebody asked me why people make houses with wood and paper, when there are so many earthquakes in this country.

To my eyes, people in Japan traditionally don't have an idea to make houses to last hundreds of years.

Instead of making something solid and steady, they make houses with wood and paper.

When the houses are damaged, people just fix them, or build new ones.

Paper screens are very easy to get holes, and people fix them, or replace them with new ones.

There must be a good reason for them to make something fragile.

Don't ask me why. I don't have a clear answer.

Please just look at how this fence is made. The bamboos are tied together with thin ropes.

It's easy to be damaged, and easy to be fixed.

And an idea of "fighting with nature" doesn't exist with this fence.

Have a nice weekend, my friends!

Yuji xxx

18 September, 2011

Paris, The City of Love and Lights

It's been a while since I got back to Japan from Paris.

Every time I come back from other countries, I get jet lagged.

This time it was very serious, it took me about a month to heal.

It's was like, my body was in Tokyo, my heart was somewhere else, and my soul was back and forth between Tokyo and Paris.

I talked with a friend, a medical doctor about my jet lag problem.

His answer was simple.

"Yuji, you should stay jet lagged, because I know that you will go back to Paris again!"

Yuji xxx

16 September, 2011

Modern Japanese Culture

It seems like a lot of people are looking for information on modern Japanese culture, especially pop culture such as anime and manga.

Unfortunately I am not an expert when it comes to the "J pop culture."

There is a great web site for those of you who love that part of Japan.

Culture Japan

On the other hand, even in a big city like Tokyo, traditional culture can still be found. That makes Tokyo more interesting!

I took this photo near a Shinto shrine. I must say I was so glad to see lanterns turned on.

From this spring, the government was telling the people to save electricity. As the result, the whole city of Tokyo was dangerously dark at night. And a lot of events were cancelled.

Now the light has come back to Tokyo! Yeah!

15 September, 2011

Booted at a Japanese Tea House

Going to a Japanese Tea House wearing boots was a very bad idea.

But I kind of like this view. lol

Living in Japan, people often take off shoes.

A few days ago, I went to a Japanese restaurant with my friend. We had to take off our shoes to walk into a Tatami (straw mat) floor.

Today I went to a dental clinic. I had to take off my shoes and change to a pair of slippers.

If you are in Japan, you naturally have to be careful with your socks. You will be very embarrassed if your socks have holes in them!

11 September, 2011

Fukushima Update 11 Sep

This woman honestly told me that there are many people who move to different places, some people up in the North, and some near Tokyo, moving away from Fukushima.

But they are very fortunate ones who have choices to do so. Majority of the people don't.

I have heard that some fathers remain in Fukushima where they have their jobs, and send the family to a safer place.

I just cannot imagine what it feels like to be a father who remains alone in Fukushima, sending his wife and children to another place.

I think there is a lot of stories reported about people who love Fukushima and remain there because they were born and raised there, and they want to stay in Fukushima even though they are aware of the possible danger.

However... what is more import than their own well-being?

Is the local community, the city, or the country more important?

I don't have a clear answer. But it must be something each person should decide on their own. Their lives are theirs, the choices are for them to make.

The media in Japan make it look like it's a beautiful story that there are many people who are "willing to stay."

I wanted to write about the fact that it's not what all the people feel or believe in.

Peace and love to all the people on earth.

I love you. Yuji xxx

10 September, 2011

Fukushima Update 9 Sep

Okay, I should get started with the reports today. This is my Fukushima Report Part 1.

I have a good friend in Netherlands, who studied in Fukushima many years ago. He was very close to his Japanese host family.

He was so worried about them, although he tried to call them, they never answered the phone...

So, I helped him, and found their land line number, and called the host family from Tokyo myself, representing my friend.

Fortunately, all the family members were safe. Their house was on the hill side, so it was not damaged by Tsunami.

Needless to say, most Tsunami victims were people who lived close to the sea...

According to them, so many people in Fukushima are worried about the air.

Adults need to go out and work every day. But they cannot let children play outside. Their children are 3 years old, and 1 year old.

I wonder what kind of influence the children may get from staying home all the time?

I asked them "what about kindergartens?"

The answer was "they are the same, they don't let children play on the ground. Only inside the buildings."

Also, they are so worried about food. The adults keep eating the same locally produced food, but they cannot let the children eat the same food.

The government, and the old media keep telling us that "the level of the radiation is not so high that it will harm your health immediately."

Even if that is true, what will happen in a long fun?

As I mentioned a while ago, young people trust TV and newspapers less and less. Their main source of information is Twitter.

It was very good that I was able to talk to real people in Fukushima, and learn about the reality of their life.

To be continued...

Yuji xxx

09 September, 2011

Happy Friday!

I have been feeling somewhat strange in the past few weeks.

I just noticed it has almost been 6 months since the earthquake happened.

And I also noticed I didn't cry although I had enough reasons to cry.

I am going to rest most of the day tomorrow, working just a little bit.

Thank you for your interest in my stories and photos... I will be write the report from Fukushima very soon.

Yuji xxx

08 September, 2011

Having a break

I really wanted to write some reports from Japan on the earthquake, tsunami, nuclear victims today.

But it's such a heavy topic, and I wasn't feeling well enough to do it today.

Anyway, I am doing well in Tokyo, my friends. The night is getting brighter little by little. A lot of people stopped "saving power."

More tomorrow. Yuji xxx

07 September, 2011


I am going to write more about the situation in Japan very soon.

A lot of people here are living with big fears, but I want them to take a moment and pray for the best.

A lot of people are getting very negative around me, but the life goes on and one... until the last day.

Why not hope for the best, instead of expecting the worst?

Sending love and light to you...

05 September, 2011

This One's For You

Words are just not enough.

That is why people hold each other, kiss, dance, sing, etc.

I often consider photography is a great way to send love and light to a distant land.

Thank you for reading this... Yuji xxx

03 September, 2011

Bamboo Fence in Tokyo

I must admit it was very hard for me to take any photos since 11 of March, the day the earthquake hit Japan.

For a while, I wanted to capture Tokyo at night which was lot darker than before... but it was getting too sad for me too.

Just two days ago, I decided to capture the traditional Japanese beauty.

Not such a great shot, but there is a "Zen" feeling here.

This is like a great healing method for me, looking for "zen" inside my own heart.

Have a nice weekend, my friends.

31 August, 2011

Fixing Tokyo Tower

On March 11, when the earthquake hit Japan, the tip of Tokyo Tower was bent.

Not much to say. There were people who need to take a big risk for their work like this...

Even now, it's still a little bit bent. 

Cat Talk

I can sometimes talk with animals as well as trees.

Nothings strange, it's only that I can communicate with them hear to heart. I can't hear their voices. But there are many ways in this world to communicate!

When I feel tired, cats often come up to me and talk to me.

About 8 years ago, when I was sitting on a bench in a local park near home in Tokyo, I saw a cat. I was so tired and lost that afternoon.

I was tired from busy work, but I never took any rest. I just kept working and working. Sitting on the bench for 5 minutes was the most I could do, escaping from my work...

This cat looked at me asked me, "Yuji, who do you never take a rest when you are tired?"

I was so shocked.

Not that I was able to communicate with the cat.

I was shocked by the truth that I didn't even think of taking a rest when I was so tired!

Soon after that, I quite working for one of my agencies (I was working over the phone for telephone counselling, as well as working as a magazine writer)

Then I reduced the amount of work I would take on regular bases. And I am learning to enjoy my life more.

If you are really busy, and you need to break, please tell your boss that you need a break.

"Because I was advised by a cat to take a rest..."

Your boss will probably give you a very long break!

30 August, 2011

Our Own Culture

When I visited Claude Monet's house and garden, I was so impressed by a huge collection of Ukiyo-e prints.

The collection is incredible, I have never seen that many Ukiyo-en prints in my life at once. There were so many works that I had never seen before.

So great to know there were many great artists in France who appreciated Japanese culture.

On the other hand, people in Japan often don't realize the value of their own culture.

In modern days, Japanese Manga and Anime are certainly something Japan can be proud of.

But even now, there are some old people who consider Manga and Anime are only for some maniac people.

I have worked with French comic artists on several occasions. One of them told me it was wonderful that nobody laughs at you if you are an adult and read a comic book on the train.

The reality is, people here don't express their feelings so directly especially towards strangers, or in a public place.

I grew up with Manga and Anime, so I have nothing against them. But I remember one of my elementary school teachers would constantly make fun of the students who liked Manga...

Anyway, majority of people between the age of 20 to 50 roughly belong to "Manga and Anime generations." The situation will be better.

On the other hand, young people often have no interest in traditional Japanese culture. I don't have so many friends who have seen Kabuki plays!

19 August, 2011

Free Hug Champagne

About 19 years ago, there was a trend on young Japanese couples to kiss on the street.

It is largely because of this TV commercial; the girl asks her boyfriend to kiss her. So lovely.

It has been so many years since it became "okay" for lovers to kiss in public space, I don't see them kissing each other so much in front of other people.

My friends from other countries sometimes ask me if it's true that people in Japan don't hug.

Unfortunately it's true. But I know that they actually like to do it.

There was a time I was doing a "free hug champaign" with my clients (I used to take in clients for counseling sessions).

There were just so many clients, about 80 percent of them, asked me to give them a hug. Some of them sent me e-mail saying they wanted to ask for a hug but they were too shy...

There was one message which made me very happy. After she had a hug with me, she started giving her daughter every morning seeing her off to school.

And one morning, her husband asked her, "I also want a hug, like you do with our daughter..."

I never thought my hug would be so powerful, powerful enough to change the relationship of a married couple a little bit.

Not sure if I would do this champagne again, as I don't take in clients any more.

But I hope my clients are still hugging their loved ones...

08 August, 2011

Mon Amour Je Viens du Bout du Monde

This song by a Japanese singer, Kenji Sawada, was very popular in France in early 70s. It was when I was a little boy, such a long time ago. But many people in France remember this song.

"Mon amour je viens de bout du monde"... isn't it romantic or what?

What is amazing is that people in Japan don't know so much about the fact, this well known Japanese singer had a big hit single in France.

A lot of Japanese musicians are focused on US market, and they never achieve anything much.

Sure, the market in the US is very big. But it is very conservative at the same time.

I really would like Japanese people to know that people in Europe are more willing to accept foreign cultures.

Oh, by the way, this singer is a male singer. And he is not gay. lol 

06 August, 2011

Doing Silly Things

Doing something totally silly and unproductive is a lot of fun.

One of the silly things I truly enjoy is finding something on the street that seem to have no practical use.

This is something I found on the street on my summer visit to Paris.

I wonder what this metal thing is on the wall?

Maybe it once had some important work?

It looks like a hook, but I don't think anybody want to hang a shirt or a jacket outside.

Or, maybe it is for some kind of big animals?

It could be an emergency alarm? No, there was no electricity in the old days!

Taking It Easy

My blog was not a place where I would write about anything too serious.

In fact, I wanted to make it a silly blog. A lot of people write serious issues, so I had no desire to do the same. Some people are good at serious stuff, and I am not:-(

Since the earth quake hit Japan, it was a little bit hard for me to write anything.

But I am going to keep updating my blog in my own way. I am sorry, if you visited this blog looking for something different.

From now on, I will be freely write about my random thoughts and feelings, like I did before.

28 July, 2011

Life in Tokyo Now

There Should be Sunshine After Rain 2 by yujiblog "Thank you from Japan"

Quite honestly, I haven't been checking Japanese web sites and blogs these days. People in East Japan including Tokyo are getting very negative. It makes me sad more than anything. 

On the other hand, it is very true that they have good reasons to be negative. But being negative and worrying doesn't help.  We need to move on. 

According to some study by scientists, drinking beer reduces the risks of radiation. I decided that it's a very good idea. 

I much prefer to have a glass of beer a day and enjoy life, rather than just worrying. 

25 July, 2011

Having No Expectations 2

I was walking on the street together with my friend, and we happened to see the guard. I had no idea what was happening there, but I was highly impressed.

This guard was so sophisticated and calm. Although she was surrounded by so many tourists and photographers (I am just one of them), she almost never moved.

After coming back from London, I read a guide book and learned about hours guards.
The hours guards are supposed to be very famous.

I have some friends in Tokyo who make fun of me always acting like this, but having not much previous knowledge seem to help me have a good time.

22 July, 2011


Every time I see street musicians, I feel so excited.

They go to different places every day and play music for different audiences. Just thinking of their life style makes me feel romantic.

I have always been attracted to vagabond or bohemian way of living. I think that is my nature.

There was a time I seriously wanted to become a street musician. But my friends stopped me.

It was a silly idea, because what I used to play was the piano!

In the past one and a half years, I have been travelling back and forth between Tokyo and Paris.

Some of my friends started calling me "a bohemian." I am not quite sure exactly what they mean, but I rather like that.

This bagpipe player played real good for free. Showing some respect, I left 2 pounds.

16 July, 2011

Having No Expectations

Having too many specific expectations can lead you to a disappointment.

If you don't have any specific expectations, every experience will all be a nice surprise.

It is especially true when you travel. If you hold onto "the image of the city" which you have created yourself, you could be disappointed.

07 July, 2011

Eiffel Tower / Life Without Computers

I can't imagine my life without a computer. I write articles and send them to my publishers as well as photos by e-mail.

That is how I make living. And I like this work style, because it gives me a lot of freedom. Basically with my laptop computer, I can work from anywhere.

But if I cannot use my computer, there are still many things I can do, although it means a major change of life.

This photo is the famous Eiffel Tower. Every time I see this great monument, I feel very impressed by the fact they made something so spectacular without a computer.

Of course, the Eiffel Tower is not the only things people made. Before computers came into our life, we were all doing everything without them.

Yes, it's possible. I have a friend who doesn't have a mobile phone nor a computer at home in his second house.

Maybe I can do it too, maybe sometime in the future... in 5 years or 10 years... Who knows.

30 June, 2011

Coca Cola Vending Machine


As I mentioned a while ago, I am glad that the light is coming back to Tokyo:)

Although private companies took a decision to turn on the signboards, public spaces are still dark including high ways!!!

I have asked some taxi drivers about it, and they told me it is very dangerous late at night because they can't see people on the dark streets.

It is wise to save electricity where the light is not needed, especially when nobody is there. For example, the entire office doesn't need to be bright when there are only a few people working late at night.

On the other hand, a vending machine with no lights on on a very dark street, it's a total waste of energy. Isn't it wiser not to have a vending machine at all where there is no light?

The machines are running at night using energy anyway... and making no money.

Saving energy is important. But we need to find a clever way to do it. We are learning it after making so many mistakes.

About this photo, this is a coolest looking vending machine I have ever seen:) Yes, the light is on!

27 June, 2011

Life in Tokyo, 27 of June

Mineral water is available for drinking water. And now you can find it just anywhere.

But how about taking a shower? What do you have to do if you get caught in the rain?

Personally, I am not so worried about radiation so much.

I saw a photocopy of a newspaper article on the wall at a restaurant near my home.

According to this article, released several years ago, "beer is good for your health because it protects you from radiation."

I decided that I like the idea. I much prefer to drink a little bit of beer and survive rather than just worrying about radiation and living with a fear.

24 June, 2011


On my last post, I introduced you the very modern side of Tokyo.

Here is somewhat retrospective side of it;)

I always like to see old things that are alive. People use this street car for commuting to work, going to school, going shopping.

It is not for tourists. It's there because it's needed.

Some old things disappear because people no longer need them. In a way, it's a healthy thing.

If people need old things, they naturally use them and take care of them, even though new things come into use.

Seeing the view like this, it makes me think of many things.

After the earthquake, I have been trying to discover more of Tokyo with my camera. It's not for the record. Simply it's for my own pleasure of capturing "now" and sharing it with my readers:)

20 June, 2011

Night Train Ride in Tokyo

This is the greatest videos I have seen on youtube. Please enjoy!

Watching this video made me realize how much I liked the lights in Tokyo, and what an amazing place it is... 

19 June, 2011

Street Art

Something I found in Paris which I loved.

Hard to explain why I like it, since I am not sure what it means.

Somebody may paint it white again, so I may not see it again. In fact, I don't remember exactly where I it was.

But the memory of this street art is forever in my heart. Even if I loose this photo, I will probably never forget about the moment I first saw it.

I guess this artist can't even imagine he/she is making somebody in Tokyo very happy.

18 June, 2011


It may sound strange, but the nature seems to talk to me all the time.

Not in a human language, but it is more like "heart to heart" communication. I sense what they are telling me with my heart.

Once a tree told me something very important, and I can never forget the message.

"We all keep growing until the day we die."

I hope to learn a lot of things from the nature and keep growing until the last day of my life;)

But at the age of 42, I still feel like I am still waiting to bloom!

16 June, 2011

Sharing Hapiness

There is too much negative energy around since the earthquake hit Japan.

But if we keep feeling sad, we cannot move ahead.

Instead of just feeling sad, I personally decided to find happiness every day, and share it with other people through writing and photography.

This is a happy moment on the street I found in Paris this spring. They were finishing a wedding at a city hall, and they just came out.

This little girl looked so happy, and she was getting a lot of attention from other people;) I was one of them.

15 June, 2011

A Young Boy and Me

I went to a container wharf for taking photos. It's not a fancy place, and normally people don't go there, unless they are working in the shipping companies on the wharf.

At the end of the wharf, I took some photos of the ships in Tokyo bay through the fence. The sky and the sea looked pink and blue. I had a great time there.

I thought I would be the only one to be there, but there was a very young boy who arrived before me. He was also taking photos of this view with his little camera.

He is about 9 or 10 years old. I saw so much of me in him;)

I remember I also had the first camera of my own when I was 9 or 10. The quality of the camera was not very good, but I still have some prints from those days.

In this photo, the little ship is a cruise ship, it sails inside Tokyo bay. And the big ship probably goes to some other countries, carrying a lot of containers.

I wanted to ask him why he liked this view, but he looked too busy, so I didn't. But he and I had a lot in common. 

13 June, 2011

Light is Coming Back

You can't imagine how happy I was to take this photo.

It was taken in West Shinjuku, where the famous film Lost in Translation was filmed. Also, I lived in this part of Tokyo for many years. So, I feel it's still my neighbourhood.

Lost in Translation: Wikipedia

It looks like full of neon lights, but please look at the top left. Many of the lights are still off.

It has been dangerously dark at night in Tokyo in the past 3 months. So I am very happy that the light is coming back.

Shops and restaurants realized how important for them to keep the lights on to attract customers. So, many private companies started turning the lights on.

Although it was a rainy evening, I felt happy and went out for photo shooting, eating out, having a drink with a friend;)

Meanwhile, the public spaces are still awfully dark. I can't believe the all the road lights are off on the main streets. Just this evening, the taxi I was on almost had an accident.

I had a good conversation with the taxi drivers then. It is almost like a miracle that there haven't been so many traffic accidents at night.

07 June, 2011

Ordinary View

This kind of view is something very common in Tokyo, and I am just used to it.

But if I have a camera with me, it helps me realize how every moment is so precious and special.

We are in the rainy season now, but the sky cleared up when I was in front of this building. It almost looks like a spaceship ready to launch.

I was also holding an umbrella, but I was so happy that I lost it somewhere. lol

05 June, 2011

19:10 in Tokyo

Fortunately shops and restaurants started turning more lights on. I have noticed the difference this past week.

But the public space is often extremely dark. It is very dangerous... I keep hitting myself into electric poles at night on the main street on my way back home from the train station:(

This is not because of "shortage of electricity." It's because people think they need to save electricity as the government and the authorities are telling them.

It's easy to imagine how much money they have lost.

This is not good for the economy. Ordinary people are beginning to be aware of the big mistake this country was making.

01 June, 2011

Life Goes On

Looking back on my childhood and younger days, there were just so many troubles and challenges. But I somehow survived.

And I know that I will keep living like that until the very last day of my life, together with lots of helps from other people, and lots of miracles.

I still feel the earth shaking, many times a day. 80 percent of the time, it's my imagination. And the rest is real earthquakes...

Anyway, I try not to worry about anything. No matter what happens, life goes on and on.

I have a friend who bought a pale green coloured gas mask and white protected gear against radiation. I thought to myself,  "they don't look so cool"...

So, I am not going to get any gear which I don't really want to buy.

On the other hand, I do respect his decision and feelings, as he was an earthquake victim in Kobe.

I believe there is no such a thing as "wrong choice" in life as long as it takes you where your hearts wants to go.

I am not following the latest news at all now, and my life is perfectly okay.

I am already busy enough with work, and on my free time, I am always looking for something beautiful and taking photos;)

29 May, 2011

June, The Boring Month

June in Japan is sometimes considered to be the most boring month of the year.

There is no bank holiday in June.

For students, it's before the summer vacation.

It means, other than weekend, people don't have any days off.

What's more, in Tokyo, it rains a lot during the rainy season, which normally starts in the beginning of June and ends in the middle of July.

This year, the rainy season has already started in Tokyo. Women around me (mostly editors working for publishers) are talking about buying a new umbrella and a new pair of rain boots... actually it sounds kind of fun.

Even on a rainy day, it's important to find something to make you happy;)

28 May, 2011

Street Art

I often like looking at graffiti.

Most of the time I don't know what it is, but I still like feeling the artist's passion to express his or her inner world.

I probably think this is by two artists. The first one only wrote the letters in winter, and the second one added the frame and more colours in spring.

On this big white canvas, on a street in Paris, there was the nice collaboration of the two people... probably they don't know each other.

25 May, 2011

Travelling by Train 2

A friend of mine from Hong Kong taught me why trains in Tokyo are not as crowded as before.

It's because they think subways are stronger against earthquakes.

I see... but I feel better on the ground rather than underground;)

As I don't own a TV, don't read newspaper, I am probably not receiving too much information as other people are.

If I need some specific information, I actively look for it myself on Internet. My life has been fine without "the old media".

This is the famous statue of Hachiko, the loyal dog in front of Shibuya station, one of the busiest station in Tokyo.

Hachiko (wikipedia)

It's a very rare close-up shot of Hachiko! Cute;-)

23 May, 2011

Travelling by Train

I normally work at home, and I don't travel by train or a subway.

I got on the JR Yamanote line, one of the major lines to connect many areas within Tokyo.

TEPCO, the Tokyo electricity company was reporting constantly the amount of the electricity consumption as a daily report on the displays inside the train, all over, so frequently...

This is a real waste of energy.

Honestly speaking, there are so many funny things related to the government and other authorities.

People have been loosing trust on them, and now they say the latest information on Twitter is more useful.

Ordinary people in Japan may be strong, and very calm. But I am loosing trust in Japan as a nation.

I am not so worried about that. Even if the government is corrupted, our spirits will live for eternity.

21 May, 2011

Sending Love and Light to the World

Sometimes people use the phrase "sending love and light".

For a long time, I have been looking for a way to do it.

Now I am happy to tell you that I found my own way to do so.

Photography has become an important part of my life as well as writing.

And capturing the light, and the love I found within me and around me at the time is what photography is all about for me.

And through this blog, I can literary send it to people all around the world.

We are going through a difficult time here in Tokyo, but I feel so motivated now. I will keep updating my blog, keep writing, and keep taking photos.

Happy weekend, my friends!


20 May, 2011

Café à la papa?

People in Japan love everything from France. These days, it is fashionable to use French words for shops and restaurants.

English words are too common, so they started using French worlds.

There are so many cafes and restaurants in Tokyo people never remember the names of.

For example, there is a nice French restaurant called "4em". Their customers don't know how to read it, but the restaurant is busy.

And not far from 4em, there is a cafe called, Quatre Vingt Neuf (89). Nobody remembers the name. But it is also full.

Here, the French language is not used as a communication tool. It is used as part of the design. So, it doesn't really matter if people remember the names or not.

On this photo, it's something I found few days ago, Café à la papa.

At the moment, it is a big mystery for me, why they use the name, and what kind of food or drinks they serve!


18 May, 2011

What Changed in Tokyo

It seems like the mental stress I had by the earthquake was bigger than I thought.

I still feel the earth is shaking again, so many times a day when there is no earthquake.

A lot of people have the same problem now.

Since I don't feel like going out when I know that the whole city is dark, I try to enjoy myself during the day.

And finding something interesting in the nature more than before.

This is what I found today near home. It's a Japanese maple tree. Looks like a person wearing a pink hat!

Nature is amazing, it always gives me a smile;)