15 December, 2010

Rice wine

Japanese spirits love drinks. This photo was taken at Meiji Jingu shrine.

These barrels of sake, Japanese rice wine, were sent to the shrine by the breweries from all over the country.

Once I saw a tour guide explaining this custom to the international visitors, "Shinto is a very generous religion. Japanese gods love sake."

Well, not sure if "generous" is the right word.

I have studied a little about Shinto, and found the very simple fact.

The teaching of Shinto is only three things; respect for the nature, respect for others, and respect for yourself.

(This is not written in any books. I was attempting to write a book about Shinto, because not many people have done it, and I haven't writtin the book yet. )

This is one example of showing the respect for the nature which gives us gifts in many ways. And the respect is expressed by giving back to the nature.

Oh, by the way, people in Japan are increasingly becoming fond of French wine. And Japan does produce wine.

Unfortunately, no matter how hard they try, the climate (hot and humid in summer) is not suitable for producing good wine.

When they can produce great rice wine, to go so nicely with Japanese food including sushi, is there any good reason for them to go through a big trouble making wine?

Money, maybe.

But, good French wine can be found anywhere in Tokyo, and the prices are not so high.

If they want to make money, it may be a good idea to export Japanese rice wine to other countries, instead of producing wine. I am quite sure France doesn't produce good rice wine!

A business opportunity!

I wanted to talk about Shinto today. What's wrong with me?

No, I am not drunk. Not just yet.
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