19 December, 2010

Palais Royal

What I like about Paris is (although I have many things about it), I often find a nice combination of the old and the new.

Partly due to the history, and partly due to the way people build buildings, Tokyo doesn't have so many old buildings.

If you see a building over 40 years old, it is very old. It's time to be replaced by a new one.

Coming from the city where everything is new, the scenery like this is amazing, sometimes it can be rather shocking.

Preserving old buildings takes a lot of work. People need to keep working to keep them alive. I guess that is why they added something new to the patio.

But when I visited it, I saw very few people. And I don't think it was just because of the weather.

Oh, it must be good to have so few people there. Convenient for film shooting?

At least, it was convenient for me to do photo shooting.
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