01 December, 2010

Missing the future

The tall building on the right is Park Tower.

Park Hyatt is in this building. It's the hotel were the movie, Lost in Translation was filmed.

The low building in the middle is the apartment complex where I lived until 3 years ago.

This old building is going to disappear soon.

This area used to be an old residential area. But the West Shinjuku became the centre of Tokyo about 20 years ago.

Now there are more and more tall and modern buildings there, replacing the old buildings.

I love West Shinjuku area. It is where I spent most of my childhood. It was fun looking at the buildings being built. One of my oldest memories is looking at those buildings from home.

This photo was taken just a half year ago. Knowing that this scenery will soon be a memory from the past, I feel very nostalgic.

This feeling is nothing but "nostalgia for the future." It's the feeling I have always had since I was a little boy.

It's not sadness. I am just calmly feeling how I feel now looking at this ever changing world.

It's a little bit like missing somebody you don't know very much... and is a very nice feeling.
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