02 December, 2010

Japanese culture?

One of the things I secretly enjoy is finding other countries in Tokyo.

This is in West Shinjuku. But there is a little bit of Paris here. The glass pyramid is like a miniture version of the pyramid in front of Luvre.

Japanese culture has never been a unique culture. Japan has always been importing new cultures from other countries.

People often consider Japan as a Buddhist country, but Buddha was born in India, Buddhism came to Japan from India via China.

Shinto is considered to be Japanese traditional religion. However, Hindu spirits are often worshipped at the Shrines. Tokyo even has a shrine where a little stature of Mother Merry is preserved.

In fact, a lot of things that are nicely developed in Japan have their roots in other countries.

Cars are from Germany. Animation movies are from the US.

So, what is the traditional Japanese culture?

I have a clear answer to this question. It is the "willingness to accept good things from other countries."

If you feel welcomed by the people in Japan, please consider that you are experiencing Japanese culture.

It's December now. Tokyo is now beautifully decorated by Christmas trees all over.. Yes, people in Japan love Christmas.

Of course, I love Christmas! If Santa Claus visits me, I will treat him very nicely.

Probably he has been very busy delivering gifts to so many children?

I want to give him a nice massage or something.
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