07 December, 2010

At a Buddhist temple

One of the good things, which I like, about my country is that most people can stay free from religious oppressions.

I don't belong to any religious setups, but I enjoy visiting temples, shrines, as well as churches.

I have lived in many places, including Indonesia, a Muslim country.

It must be one of the reasons I feel comfortable with people with different backgrounds and beliefs.

Christmas is coming soon. A lot of Japanese people celebrate it in their own way.

On New Year's eve, they listen to the sound of gongs from a Buddhist temple in their neighbourhood.

Then, on New Year's day, they visit a Shinto Shrine to make for the very first time in the new year. It all comes very naturally to them.

I hope one day they realise what a wonderful thing they are doing.

For me, that is like "more to enjoy."
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