28 November, 2010

Travelling by Train

Travelling within Japan could be expensive for Japanese people.

If you have a foreign passport, or live in a foreign country, you can buy a "Japan Rail Pass" for a very reasonable price.

It takes you almost anywhere in Japan.

That is one of the reasons I prefer to travel outside my country.

It is a shame I can't travel with my friends visiting Japan, because they can buy this pass, and I can't... That is so ironic!

Well, maybe I shouldn't complain because I can get a Eurail Pass and travel around in Europe.

But, can Europeans buy an Eurail Pass?

If not, I will need to travel alone! (so ironic...)

This photo was taken at a secret place in France.

I am so attracted to these rail tracks. Trains passe here only once a day.

I was lying down on the ground while taking this photo. The cat was posing especially for me.

Or, she might have been wondering, "what is that Asian man doing here in my territory?"
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