25 November, 2010

Hello Kitty Zippo

This character, Hello Kitty, must be one of the most famous Japanese products.

I don't exactly know why she is so popular.

Though, I can easily imagine she is making a lot of money.

This "Hello Kitty Zippo limited edition" is sold for 24,000 yen (about 215 Euros).

She doesn't have a mouth, so she must be very quiet.

Okay, that is the difference between Hello Kitty and me. Maybe I need to keep my mouth shut and make myself more mysterious?

I just found out something new about her.

According to her official site, she was born in the suburbs of London, England...

So, she isn't Japanese...

She is English!  She is so mysterious!

Was she named Hello Kitty, because she was born in England?

She seemed to have a boyfriend, named Daniel. I wonder if he is also English?

I have more and more questions.  I hope someday she starts telling us more about her mysterious life.
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